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  • Eraserhead
  • Kung Fu Hustle
  • Miami Vice
  • Before Sunset

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  • Spiral: From the Book of Saw


  • Vapir

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  • Barbie as The Princess & the Pauper


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  • The Matrix Resurrections

    The Matrix Resurrections


    Not a reboot, but a rebirth.

    Both a satirical, self-reflexive meta-sequel and a sincere gonzo sci-fi action follow-up to the world and story of the original trilogy. The Matrix Resurrections is an anomaly in big-budget reboots - helmed with singular, untampered vision by Lana Wachowski.

    My main concern going in was that too much of the DNA of The Matrix would weigh this film down, but Resurrections only borrows the structure of the first film and mirrors its story beats,…

  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight


    This is such an indica movie.

    Medieval psychedelia laced with a lush visual aesthetic. A mysterious and psychological voyage of inner discovery displayed through the lyrical poetry of images. Our myths still have much to teach us about ourselves.

    "The world is fit for all manner of mysteries."

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  • Spiral: From the Book of Saw

    Spiral: From the Book of Saw


    "I've been staring at this shit for five hours. I don't even look at porn that long."

    Chris Rock's performance (?) in this is truly something special.

    A sloppy genre-mix that just so happens be exactly my taste. Rock workshops divorce stand-up while examining sickening death tableaus. Darren Lynn Bousman drags the series into the daylight with a sunsoaked serial killer thriller about necessary police reform.

    It doesn't quite beat the original Saw trilogy (or Saw VI), but Spiral sees…

  • Vapir


    "It is the question that drove you here. The question that has been like a splinter in your mind - you've asked yourself when will science fuse with nature to allow for a more beneficial, less destructive way to enjoy her herbal benefits? You know the question don't you?"

    "What is The Vapir?"

    A Matrix-themed ad for a dry-herb vaporizer the size of a cinderblock.

    Unique as an artifact of capitalism misappropriating a revolutionary text in an attempt to craft an "us vs them" narrative between cigarette users and the badass techno-anarchists that use an overpriced vape rig.

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