• Dying of the Light

    Dying of the Light


    I would be curious if anyone has done a direct comparison with Dying of the Light. How much material has come from the workprint DVDs in comparison to the ‘finished’ cut of Dying?

    As much as Dark attempts to improve upon its original VOD released form, it’s hard to escape the fundamentals. How good even was Schrader’s screenplay in the first place? Nicolas Cage offers a reminder that he’s a serious actor and not just campy, but plenty of his performance is exaggerated, talking…

  • Hatchet for the Honeymoon

    Hatchet for the Honeymoon


    The German Blu-ray from Wicked-Vision features an Italian soundtrack (with English subtitles). However, apparently the original Italian audio was lost, and this is instead a dub produced for Italian TV. The dub is good, but it has the feeling of a radio play, either with the way the audio was mixed or with the tone of the room it was recorded in. There seems to be no effort to even attempt to synchronise the dubbing with lip movements. I don’t…

  • 2046



    honestly I’m really annoyed I saw this in screen 3 in Cinema City, the screen was too small for Doyle’s cinematography, and it was compromised because their masking is broken and too expensive to fix and when I asked them if they could at least centre the image they told me it was impractical to adjust it for every single film, so a massive grey bar ran across the top of the image, with the film right at the bottom.…

  • Can You Bring It: Bill T. Jones and D-Man in the Waters
  • These Are the Men

    These Are the Men


    watching clips of Triumph of the Will is just watching Triumph of the Will, no matter how much narration of Nazis coming from humble origin and hating Jewish people you put over it

    I’m not sure you can reclaim Nazi propaganda, if an antisemite watches this will they be persuaded away from it? how many viewers will be impressed by the scale?

  • Heredity in Man

    Heredity in Man

    eugenics is evil and ableist and classist and so was Julian Huxley, full stop

    it’s no wonder the idea that children should never have been been born shifted so quickly from sterilisation into genocide and murder

    the UK doesn’t get to pretend the Nazis were bad and we had no idea what was going on and their evil has nothing in common when the UK had its own Fascist movement, and Gaumont British was making this garbage in 1937, two years before WWII

    and let’s never forget, eugenicist ideas still exist and need to be allowed never to be considered as serious and legitimised ideas

  • Take One

    Take One


    (copied from twitter)

    If it wasn’t a hardcore porn film, Take One would have the perfect reality TV show premise - interviewing men and then making their sexual fantasies a reality for the camera.

    Which is also what happens with SexWorld, but that isn’t a “docufantasy”

    all porn films deserve to feature oversized oreo cookies

    i think it’s silly this is a ‘director’s cut’ and the ‘deleted scenes’ should be integrated into the main feature

    My only Poole hardcore left…

  • Throat... 12 Years After

    Throat... 12 Years After


    Throat: 12 Years After starts in an interesting way, you can tell its the 80s because there’s the Twin Towers

    and you hear this guy’s conscience debating whether having sex with a 19 year old “hooker” was a good idea

    and the opening song!

    i hate this mom character

    “you should have kids as a way to pass the time”, and very much insistent on the need for grandchildren and being a housewife, and ONLY having sex with your husband…

  • A Woman's Torment

    A Woman's Torment


    (copied from twitter)

    The film might open with an actual, unsimulated sex scene, with penetration and ejaculation, but it isn't anything to masturbate over: it reveals relationship discomfort, and the boundaries of consent (it basically amounts to a rape scene)

    It's a pornographic scene, but it doesn't feel like porn: it's just another scene in a film depicting what happens every day

    Did 70s porn always use ugly older guys? Men with a beard and chest hair? What did we…

  • Programmed for Pleasure

    Programmed for Pleasure


    If you ever wanted to see R2-D2 control sex scenes, and you like an early 80s score, then this is exactly the film for you.

    No doubt, despite the amount of penis screentime and lesbian sex, this is a film explicitly made for the straight male gaze. It would be hard to argue against a misogynistic reading, and this film carries an unhealthy dose of of rape/sexual assault and predatory stalking into its sexual scenarios, that should require an upfront…

  • Skin-Flicks



    did not expect the kinks to go sooooo hard

    also its another 70s porno that has SUCH a great score

    and it's a 70s porn film that features a trans woman in a sex scene without fetishising her - though unfortunately we learn in the commentary track that she committed suicide as her family didn't accept her

  • SexWorld



    SexWorld is something else

    “will you be my mama?” “your mama’s dead, Ralph”

    then he ends up yelling “oh boy!” because he got a boner

    ...now she’s sucking his toes

    also the soft version is weird... butts and female nudity is fine, but absolutely NO penises

    there actually ends up some full frontal nudity but only for a few seconds in the final scene