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    Lumiere brothers would be proud

  • Dirty Girls

    Dirty Girls

    This is the type of documentary i wish i did on my hometown back when the scene was huge, every social class was linked together somehow it was the shit. Everyone got to face this at some point : you never really leave highschool it's just on a bigger scale

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  • nothing hurts, and you won’t be

    nothing hurts, and you won’t be


    keep up the great work, its a gem

  • Midsommar


    art house gentrification, this movie almost made me hate loss in movies in general. This in and of itself his a very scary accomplishment. It seems to me loss in movies like this and what Nolan is also doing is used as the only emotional tool that is never developed. Aster ultimate goal is to talk about the break up the pagan imagery is only a commercial tool for his breakup story he doesn't understand that people like Carpenter or…