The Legend of Tarzan

The Legend of Tarzan ★★★

It's not your typical "Me Tarzan. You Jane." origin story, thank God. The titular Tarzan (Alexander Skarsgård) has comfortably transitioned to the title of Lord Greystoke, John Clayton III, and Jane (Margot Robbie) is already his wife. Despite a few of flashbacks, The Legend of Tarzan ventures off into fresh territory exploring slavery and European occupation in Africa. While the story is fresh, the film as a whole is just "not bad" - certainly nothing to rave or jeer about.

The CGI is admittedly a tad off, and while Skarsgård definitely brings a lot of physicality/muscle to the role of Tarzan, he's not exactly charming. I guess a man raised by gorillas isn't meant to possess any charm. Christoph Waltz as the villainous Leon Rom is a delight, though, and makes up for Skarsgård's lack of (let's be honest) acting. To be even more honest, there's a lot of Tarzan films to choose from, and The Legend of Tarzan really doesn't make its case to be THE Tarzan movie to see.

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