Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park ★★★★★

not sure there has ever been a more perfect movie

a few odds-and-ends thoughts:
-alan with tears in his eyes at “they do move in herds” is!!! so beautiful
-gennaro’s suit with shorts 😘👌🏻
-muldoon is my favorite, he rules, tiny shorts, amazing vibe, i wish he got to bazooka a raptor like he does in the book
-ian malcolm loves kids! good dad bad husband “always on the lookout for another ex-mrs. malcolm” is actually said so sadly 
-it’s a real shame ian and alan only have one scene where they talk to each other 
-Dilophosaurus is cute and i like how it hoots
-flea circus story moves my heart 
-i love tim, big tim the human piece of toast
-the raptors purr like kitties

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