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    A philosophy student meets his Doppelgänger who tells him not to got to a certain place. Of course he still does which sets in motion a time travel scenario...
    Imagine TIMECRIMES without the crime angle. 41 uses the same premise creating many timelines which our protagonist learns to deal with until he literally finds his way.
    It uses all the elements which make the genre so much fun and really leaves you thinking after it's finished. It's no PRIMER though…

  • The Call

    The Call


    A young woman (Park Shin-Hye) receives a strange phone call and soon realizes that she talks to someone living 28 years in the past at her place. This makes for an opportunity to save a family members life but there are some serious consequences...
    So this is a K-horror version of Gregory Hoblit's FREQUENCY and while the concept is certainly interesting, THE CALL completely stumbles over its own ambitions. You shouldn't care that much about logic in a movie about…

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  • Vengeance



    After his son-in-law and grandchildren are murdered by triads Costello (Johnny Hallyday) promises his daughter who survived the hit badly injured to avenge the act. He seeks out hitmen to help him as he suffers from increasing memory loss which will complicate things for him...
    After having watched VENGEANCE a second time I now am happy to say that I finally - after six years - found a new entry for my top 10 movies of all time. VENGEANCE for…

  • Pusher III

    Pusher III


    Things become very stressful for mob boss Milo (Zlatko Buric) as he has to deal with disrespectful business partners, deals going wrong, trying to stay clean of drugs while trying to host his daughter's birthday party...
    PUSHER 3 marks Nicolas Winding Refn's masterpiece. Told in the stretch of only one day/night it strongly recalls Scorsese's AFTER HOURS as Buric's character gets deeper and deeper into trouble having to juggle way too many balls at the same time. As Mikkelsen in…