Tenet ★★★★★

Don't try to understand it... FEEL IT.

Pure F*CKING insanity. Shares more in common with Pink Floyd: The Wall than it does a traditional action blockbuster nowadays. A complete experience for the senses that deserves to be seen on the biggest screen possible w/ the best sound system you can scrounge up. Will forever regret not seeing this in an empty IMAX theater like I had the chance t on my birthday, really hope we see a re-release down the line.

TENET, as confusing as all the time inversion/travel can be, is one of the final puzzle pieces to help you finally understand why Christopher Nolan creates art. Why his sound mixing seems a bit off as it completely drowns out the sometimes useless and stereotypical dialogue. The waves of the ocean and Ludwig Goransson's heart pounding score washes over you while you sink into your seat. He knows that you don't know or care to hear the time travel jargen. Everything finally makes sense as he is intending to give the audience an experience of a lifetime while sliding in a tale of friendship through the back. Bold and loud. This is an action spy thriller filtered through the lense of Christopher Nolan. Exactly what you would expect when every ad claimed that this was BOND ON ACID, which it very much is. This is the closest I've felt to a purely psychedelic experience on the scale of a studio blockbuster. Masterful cowboy shit from THE BOY Chris Nolan.

The final moments between The Protagonist and Neil will forever stick with me. Was not expecting an emotional punch like that from CN but I've spent the last thirty minutes reminiscing about my good friends.

Aaron Taylor Johnson is a big dude. Why is that man so big? WTF.

Hot take: I prefer this over Mad Max: Fury Road

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