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  • North Hollywood

    North Hollywood


    I would compare my experience watching this is to eating a cup of noodles during lunch. It is nothing exciting but it does change gears a little. 

    I love illegal civ w all my heart and all that but I feel this was a little out of touch. Skateboarding is a broad topic but it doesn’t get any better beyond skate clips. I think the summer of 17’ has a richer plot than this 90 minutes of white boy daddy…

  • 5 Seconds of Summer: How Did We End Up Here?

    5 Seconds of Summer: How Did We End Up Here?

    I can clearly remember being 10 and watching this , and now im literally turning 18 next year.. hit me where it hurts !! 

    I unironically come back to this every now and then bc i find temporal exhilaration out of this experience... no one understands this and a combination of ed sheeran +, taylor swift 1984 and TFIOS is literally a power move.

    The dream of the 2011- 2014 is dead... lets perform CPR on this bitch !! WE NEED A REVIVAL !!!

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