Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

Scare men into thinking twice.


This film can be triggering towards sexual assault survivors.

Cassandra, played by Carey Mulligan, is too smart to engage in straight-up, eye-for-an-eye revenge. Instead, she concocts a far more creative approach that makes the perpetrators, and probably viewers, realize that they're not as nice as they think. Cassandra's method of forced empathy has the potential to have more impact and be more influential for creating CHANGE than a bucketful of documentaries.

Promising Young Woman is effective because it’s phenomenally entertaining. I wish it had more of a slasher atmosphere, I think that's where it lost a star from me. Aside from that though, it's original, shrewd, unexpected, and dashingly executed. Funny, too. The humour isn't silly or slapstick, but acerbic, underlying, and wicked.

Mulligan's flawless performance as a woman who finds an odd sense of purpose through tragedy leads us to wonder...

Is Cassandra deeply flawed? Or is she the only one who actually sees clearly? Either way, I think we need more women like this in the world. Less competition and more alliances.

Also, can we acknowledge that one of the producers is Margot Robbie?! I mean, WOW.

RIP Nina and Cassandra.

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