Slayer: The Repentless Killogy

Slayer: The Repentless Killogy ★½

the band looking confused at the dead body was me looking at this film in complete disbelief of just how absolute SHITE this sound mix is!!💀🔇

it sounded like someone had recorded the audio from outside the venue.. like imagine sitting in the cinema, trying to carefully & quietly open a candy wrapper so that the sound that it makes won't drown out the heavy metal band playing a concert on screen.. (and it wasn't the PA's fault, as this particular cinema plays films notoriously loud..)

the cinematography also didn't help as they clearly had no plan on how to shoot the film before the show started (a lot of blurry shots and absolutely no idea how to capture the best side of the band members or even the audience...) and the unfocused, hyperactive editing made it even more nauseating to look at..

I just felt this did no justice for Slayer, as the setlist was strong and the audience seemed to have a good time with the band.. the controversial nazi revenge murder short film at the start is a whole 'nother story (it's hilariously bad😅) and by the end it didn't even really tie into the rest of the film.. sooo kinda felt pointless combining the two..

I wanted to walk out sooo many times because of the sucky sound mix but only stayed 'til the end out of respect for Araya & King.. I have been lucky enough to see them live several times and I'd recommend a live Slayer show rather than watching this shit, but since they're on the last leg of their Final World Tour, I don't think it's really possible anymore..
but you can check out the Unholy Alliance Chapter II concert dvd or even the Metal: A Headbanger's Journey documentary to get a feel of just how much fun it was to be at a Slayer show!🤘🖤

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