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  • My Father, My Mother

    My Father, My Mother

    Dolphy is a national fuckin' treasure. That's it, that's the review.

  • Dog Day Afternoon

    Dog Day Afternoon


    "Kiss me, man. Kiss me. 💋 When I'm being fucked, I like to get kissed a lot."

    Sonny really said the L in LGBT stands for Leon, his darling wife whom he loved more than any man has loved another woman in all eternity.

    Not me giggling at the thought of homophobic, transphobic, not-all-cops conservatives seeing this thinking it was a macho dad movie.

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  • I Care a Lot

    I Care a Lot

    I Care a Lot is exactly how misogynists and homophobes think feminism is, and it is misguided, disgusting, and dangerous.

    I Care a Lot is not a "girlboss" or "yaaas kween" moment. Feminism is NOT the weaponization of one's womanhood to do evil things or destroy people.

    One good thing from the film tho, is that it further cements how great Promising Young Woman and its supposedly divisive ending are.

    Amy Dunne takes guardianship of J Blakeson challenge.

  • Black Mirror: Striking Vipers

    Black Mirror: Striking Vipers

    This review may contain spoilers.

    "I fucked a polar bear and I still can’t get you out of my mind."

    Fellas, is it gay when Falcon as Black Ranger fucks Black Manta as Mantis?