Koyaanisqatsi ★★★★★

While I may feel small, and infinitesimal compared to the insurmountable, ineffable problems that plague modern society, and the very essence of what we even know to be ‘human’, I should fret not, because the very act itself, of pushing onward and “expanding our horizons”(so to speak), so that I may become stronger, and not submit to the hellish, conclusive totality of death itself, is an act so noble, and pure in essence, standing on its own, that it doesn’t matter whether I die now or 100 years from now; what matters is that not only did I live, but rather I endured until the very, very end with an undying warrior spirit. 

It is precisely that warrior spirit; that I’ve felt my entire life; that I am now resonating with on a frequency I never thought possible after witnessing this film for the first time.