Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

Just saying, there's only ONE film released this year that begins with Boys by Charli XCX... and that's just the start of soundtrack that perfectly suits the theme and meaning of Promising Young Woman. It's such a refreshing and cathartic take on the revenge thriller, with Emerald Fennel's script and direction focusing more on the emotional toll of traumatic experiences. One thing that stands out is how we never really see any of the direct actions of these characters, whether that be the act of revenge or assault - reflective of how these actions are in our real world. We rarely see it, but we always have an opinion about it. I'm not gonna go in depth on the already divisive and unexpected ending but it fits the overall message that Fennell was going for IMO. And my god, Carey Mulligan is outstanding in this. Taking Fennell's direction and giving one of the best performances this year that deserves to be recognized. It's not a film that necessarily needs to be seen on the biggest screen possible, but man I really wish I could've seen such a take in the theatre. I can only see myself liking this more on a rewatch, so seek it out whenever possible. Its impact will definitely be felt.

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