The Unnamable II

The Unnamable II ★★

Here's what I wrote while watching The Unnamable II:

Richard: "Of course the Asian guy is a math genius..."


I felt the need to write - "way too much science talky"

For a majority of this sequel (that picks up right where The Unnamable left off 5-years-earlier, w/ both of the leads sporting significantly longer mullets) the characters are discussing what they should/will/could be doing instead of just doing it and showing us, just scene after scene of pointless and boring dialogue.

The beast looked like shit too and we were expected to care about secondary characters who were totally irrelevant to the plot (like the posse of pissed-off sheriffs), all of this equating to a typical sequel downgrade. The sets/gore/story/characters/etc all paled in comparison to The Unnamable.

The ugly red-haired dwarf from Jackson's Lord of the Rings movies has a part in this, if that means anything at all to you, he plays a rather large man who loves talking about boring stuff. So, there's that.

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