Friends: The Reunion

Friends: The Reunion ★★★★½

It's silly, but I have a giant smile on my face and this nostalgic feeling on my chest. Friends is one the first shows I ever loved and I keep coming back over and over, it's so comforting, funny, and there's something about it that just...makes me happy.

And this reunion was just the sweetest, there were some awkward things and odd stuff, but I really really loved this. It was great seeing the cast back together, just reliving the memories of a show that meant so much for everyone, and that is still close to the heart of a lot of people. Loved all the call-backs, the cameos, the bloopers, the insights on the show, and seeing how important it was and how some things were made. Lisa Kudrow and her laugh are what's right in life, and I loved seeing how excited Matt LeBlanc.

I know it's cheesy, and people can say that they don't think the show is funny or whatever, but it really means a lot to mean. It's one of those things you watch repeatedly and make you feel less lonely, it's the dialogues you learn, the gags and the jokes you treasure, the characters you relate to, it's just amazing, and I loved seeing things come together for this, it made my whole week (I may or may have not cried).

I think I'm gonna watch this one as many times as the show itself.

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