The 25 Best Movies About Writers

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Movies about writers are not a common occurrence in cinema. There are only a few filmmakers that have ever been able to capture the cinematic feeling of having to struggle on one’s desk with a pen and paper. Most of them have also complained about the fact that some written texts can never be put to screen. However, when it comes to people writing those texts a few enigmatic filmmakers have managed to portray the zeal, struggle, and eventual relapse of a writer’s life while doing what they love best – write. Movies about writers also have a tendency to overstay their welcome when the complete focus becomes about writing.

From Spike Jonze's Adaptation to films by Woody Allen, Billy Wilder, The Coen Brothers, David Cronenberg, Jane Campion & Greta Gerwig, the list looks at 25 of the best movies that follow the life of a writer.

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