20 Underrated Road Movies You Need to See

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Road movies are difficult to tabulate. More so, because they mirror the styles of various popular genres like comedy (It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, World), or action-thriller (Mad Max), or horror (Zombieland), amongst many more. Several film scholars believe that road movies are primarily a lump of all these genres put together. As Wikipedia would tell you, it is “an elusive and ambiguous film genre” and an "overlooked strain of film history". We almost agree with it. 

In the following list, we are not including the most admired and circulated movies like It Happened One Night, or Easy Rider, or Nebraska, or Nomadland, or The Motorcycle Diaries, or Sideways, or Into The Wild, etc. because we all know and have seen these films, multiple times maybe. This is an attempt to introduce (or perhaps re-introduce some of you) these rare gems which are beyond Hollywood, and deserve more veneration than just being the ‘festival favorites’. 

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