10 Films and TV Shows Like Squid Game on Netflix

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Squid Game’ on Netflix has caught the imagination of global audiences like few other television shows have. The South Korean show focuses on 456 debt-ridden individuals, who are invited to play a “game” by a mysterious, charming-looking man. They are taken to an unknown location on a remote island. Masked soldiers, bearing circle, triangle, and square shapes, order them around. What is unknown to the desperate participants is that the prize money is comprised of each of their lives. ‘Squid Game’ puts itself beyond the survival genre and speaks to larger issues in society like capitalism and the class divide.

Its moral turpitude beautifully mixes a stirring test of human empathy and ethical dilemmas when participants are asked to kill someone to progress. We decided to bring you some of our picks, some of which are similar to ‘Squid Game’ in terms of plot, while others are raging anti-capitalism critiques. In the following list we bring you TV Shows and movies ranging from Battle Royle to Parasite that share the same themes as Squid Game:

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