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25 Greatest Malayalam Movies of All Time

Ever since Malayalam cinema underwent a renaissance in the past decade- with the influx of new-age filmmakers creating some groundbreaking work, it has been unarguably the foremost film industry in India when measured by the quality of films produced. If the 2000s were the worst years for Malayalam movies, then the best era was definitely the 70s and 80s, which witnessed the rise of the New Wave and Middle cinema respectively.

Mr. Holmes (2015): A Mysterious Search for Human Identity

Mr. Holmes (2015) is a poetic character study of the other side of the Robot detective from Baker Street. Bill Condon’s film presents a picture of Sherlock Holmes that hasn’t graced the screen till date. Its a film that grows on you when its fictionalized emotions come to play. Mr. Holmes is one of the best films I’ve seen this year.

5 Underrated Benedict Cumberbatch Movies

Before he was a talking dragon protecting gold, before he was the swift-talking-inhuman-robot living on 221B, Baker Street, before he was a terrorist with an ideology bringing darkness on to the Enterprise, or before he was turning up pages, firing people and calculating possibilities of making a machine to stop the war, Benedict Cumberbatch was a British actor who was waiting to be recognized in movies that meant something. 

Far From Men (2014): A Gritty Little Chapter in the French-Algerian War

Far From Men is adapted from the short story The Guest by Nobel Prize-winning author Albert Camus, which was written as an allegory of French-Algerian tensions. Writer-director David Oelhoffen paints the beautiful but deserted landscape canvas with the colors of palpating human drama that will certainly move you. The film echoes the psyche of two men from different strata who are thrown into a “lose-lose” situation and they have to make a hard choice of choosing the best of the…

How Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction Condemns American Nihilism

Tarantino truly condemns American nihilism in its entirety when the ravishing taxi-driver asks Butch about the meaning of his name. He casually responds by saying, “I’m an American, honey. Our names don’t mean shit.” This exchange was the essence of Tarantino’s take on American nihilism. His association of the vibrant American culture with the absence of meaning in a name implies that beneath all the fuss, America is nothing but meaningless.

Here’s why ‘The Piano Teacher’ is One of the most Disturbing Films ever made

Michael Haneke is either a cynical God exposing our complicity to casual violence in films that we hardly acknowledge or a provocative & sadistic filmmaker who has lost faith in humans. Whatever may be the case, his films are difficult to watch on two fronts; they are inherently disturbing, even cruel at times; and he ensures that our voyeuristic participation in the on-screen violent events gets registered in our consciousness. That’s a dreadful feeling which gradually seeps into our subconsciousness.

The 10 Best Fahadh Faasil Performances

Fahadh Faasil is a name that has steadily but surely gained traction in Hindi-speaking film audiences. Despite being an undisputed star in the South film industry, Faasil has come across as a sincere performer and a dedicated character actor. The realism in modern Malayali cinema is matched by equally relatable and understated people brought to life on screen. The actor has starred in and produced some of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful films in the industry in the…

The 20 Best Films of 2021 (so far)

The best films of the 2021 list would never be complete without talking about the fact that cinemas are back in action (at least in some parts of the world). Also, while most of the film festivals from across the world choose to go online, Cannes, and possibly some other major ones are going to follow pursuit with their in-person, socially-distanced screenings outdoors.

The Birds: What Alfred Hitchcock's 1963 Classic Really Means?

The Birds is an allegory of nature turning violent, when you treat it as a joke. Melanie Daniels’ compulsion to do practical jokes is a bit far-fetched. The meaningless and petty joke that involved Birds is one of the many ways in which humans humiliate the creature. Caging them and moving them unnecessarily treating them as mere prop in a gag.

15 Great Films About Troubled Geniuses

Nobody—not even geniuses—can be good at everything. Therefore, it’s common for those who excel at mathematics to be less successful in the social realm, forever cursed to be misunderstood and alone. Artists and gifted writers have a reputation for poverty, obsession and isolation, just as scientists are known to work their lives away in the lab.

Every Andrei Tarkovsky Film Ranked

Andrei Tarkovsky owes his position as an influential, often imitated, and renowned Soviet director to his very practice of deviating from these norms and engaging the viewers with the myriad subjects that could be incorporated into the broader philosophical themes concerning human experiences and existence such as the conundrums created by desire, the significance of religion as well as human experiences shaped and impacted by nostalgia, ideologies, politics, ravages of war and remnants of wars.

Till Death [2021] Review – An insipid film devoid of any tension

Till Death, the movie had a perfectly compelling idea – a woman wakes up to the handcuffed body of her dead husband and must try to fend off hired killers sent to kill her and rob the house she is in. Perfectly serviceable, if not entirely original. It is the testament of film-making as a form of collaborative effort that even an interesting premise such as the above, becomes such a boring slog for the majority of its 88-minute runtime.

Every Studio Ghibli Movie Ranked

Studio Ghibli Movies require no introduction to any ardent cinephile in the world. It is one of those rare film studios that has maintained impeccable quality throughout its entire filmography and has achieved commercial success along with universal acclaim. Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle) is considered the greatest animator of the world by many, audience, and critics alike. And there is no doubt about his investment and his craft with which he achieved this pedestal in life.

Taipei Story (1985): A City in Purgatory

What Antonioni managed to depict with ‘L’avventura’ and the succeeding two films in his ‘Alienation’ trilogy was how the physical world can violently impose itself on individuals. Not nature, but man-made structures. Neither the architectural wonders of the Renaissance nor post-war marvels were seen as edifices to admire but instead as disparaging giants looming over a people lost in a historical transition. It’s an undertaking that is so intrinsic to its creator that doing justice to similar themes with a…

10 Movies To Watch If You Love Fight Club (1999)

Tyler Durden is still the familiar graffiti painted across barren walls in dark and desolate alleys, Project Mayhem sounds like the spiritual guide this decade needs and basements of every after-office pubs are discreetly inviting lonesome corporate prisoners to free themselves from their own tired selves. The gospel, that is Fight Club, written by Chuck Palahnuik later spread by David Fincher is still burning bright in our hearts, the fire all flamed by the recent global developments. We are Jack’s…

Zola [2021] Review: A Dazzlingly Original Film With High Stakes And Low Rewards

“Y’all wanna hear a story about why me & this bitch here fell out??? It’s kind of long but so full of suspense“ And then a laughing emoji followed by a crying emoji. Exactly how the 148-tweet long thread of Zola and her sex trafficking narrative kicked on the 27th of October, 2015. Needless to say, this thrilling and provocative reality-stranger-than-fiction became a rage and if you are a Twitter follower since the early years of the last decade, chances are that…

False Positive [2021] ‘Hulu’ Review: “Elevated” Mommy Brain

I don’t think there’s a term more ill-conceived in our cinematographic society than “Elevated horror.” To film-twitter pundits, elevated horror refers to “movies that don’t rely heavily on jump-scares or gore, but are so emotionally and psychologically disturbing that they traumatize even the most seasoned of horror buffs. Many of the films also seem to contain allegorical meanings.” as if the consensus of “horror” relies on jump-scares. “Jump-scares” isn’t horror, but rather an attraction that only exists when a creatively bankrupt…

Pixar Finds A Groove On Its B-side With Luca (2021)

There is an A-side and there is a B-side to the current era of Pixar Films. That is just how the company has configured itself over the past decade. The A-side pictures tend to be franchise entries or films directed by company honcho Pete Docter. The B-side pictures tend to be original features by relative up-and-comers. These are smaller in scale and less spectacular in form; films that are beholden to the established Pixar template. If we are honest, however,…

10 Films To Watch If You Love Joker

A psychological thriller that is not just a spin-off from the comic franchise, Joker was a film that completely stripped itself from the glitz and glamour of computer-generated imagery (CGI) and perfectly choreographed, epic action scenes, it focused entirely on the character development of Arthur Fleck to Joker.” This movie requires a certain amount of participation from the audience,” Phoenix has commented. “It’s up to you how you want to interpret it and experience it. It’s less you being kind…