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10 Essential Argentinian Films of the decade (2010s)

In the early 1990s, Argentina made a record of 12 films released in 1990, 17 in 1991, and 13 in 1993. As time passed by, the filmmakers worked hard and with their innovative vision and grit increased the production and viewership of their cinema both in the domestic and global circuit. Luis Puenzo’s The Official Story was the first Argentinian film to win the Best Foreign Language film award at the 58th Academy Awards. At the 82nd Academy Awards, the…

6 Films to watch if you Liked Kate on Netflix

Kate, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, is now streaming on Netflix. Produced by Hollywood’s quintessential action and stunt man David Leitch, it centers around a female assassin, who plots a revenge plan after being injected with a fatally poisonous substance. The all too familiar plot and associated revelations come with a committed performance from Winstead and a promising debut from Miku Martineau. One highlight of the film that is bound to catch mass attention in the same way the bathroom scene did when ‘Mission…

Every James Ponsoldt Film, Ranked

Indie film-maker James Ponsoldt is not a household name in cinema yet. He is not one of those people you might know from a movie-loving friend or a social media update. We personally feel there is much more to him and his films than seldom catches the eye.

Donnie Darko Explained: A Journey Through The Director’s Theory

A month after the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001, a fiction about the transformative power of small catastrophes reached American cinemas. In the plot, a troubled teenager escapes death when an airplane engine crashes into his bedroom. He then starts to have visions with a large bunny rabbit, which instead of presenting playful fantasy, involves him in a dark and criminal premonition. The fear and distrust that permeated the scene at the time boycotted Donnie…

The 10 Best Sci-Fi Movies of The Decade (2010s)

Science fiction is one if not the most influential genre of film. The reason being that it can be molded to whatever you please. It can be an action epic, a dystopian drama, a convoluted romance, a terrifying omen. In all of its forms, it permits us to tell incredible stories of humanity in heightened ways like no other genre. There might be a case among cinephiles, where they might believe that the genre is not what it used to…

The 25 Best Movies About Writers

Movies about writers are not a common occurrence in cinema. There are only a few filmmakers that have ever been able to capture the cinematic feeling of having to struggle on one’s desk with a pen and paper. Most of them have also complained about the fact that some written texts can never be put to screen. However, when it comes to people writing those texts a few enigmatic filmmakers have managed to portray the zeal, struggle, and eventual relapse…

The Green Knight Review: The Cyclical Battle Between Rot And Growth

Earth has been on red alert for quite some time due to human’s ongoing disrespect towards the environment. While climate activists are constantly trying to wake up big industries that are hugely contributing to this decay, which will eventually cause the extinction of mankind. Many filmmakers are trying to do the same via the medium of cinema. Some of the most recent examples are Emilie Lebech Kaae’s Ragnarok, Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon, Sung-hee Jo’s Space Sweepers, Ben Wheatley’s In…

The 30 Best Hotstar TV Shows That Are Worth Your Time

Among most streaming services that have hit the video-on-demand world in India, Hotstar remains a big competition. Mostly because of its association with Star India – Which is in itself a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. And of course, the association with HBO and their entire catalogue.

Wrath Of Man Review - Guy Ritchie’s Stab At The Crime Epic

Director Guy Ritchie returns once more to old stomping grounds. After the clout cash-in that was Aladdin, he made a film that was both an example of his high-wire style and his struggles to produce something vital this late in his career (2019’s shoddy The Gentlemen). He now reunites with old collaborator Jason Statham in “Wrath of Man”, released this year. His latest is a dependable film, both in terms of enjoyment and in the sense that you can depend…

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The plot revolves around Pippa and Thomas after they recently move into their dream apartment. However, instead of going about their lives, they start obsessing over the lives of their neighbors, Seb and Julia. And by “obsessing”, I mean that they start spying on them, watching them have sex, with Pippa lusting over both Seb and Julia, I guess? Also, how are all these people paying for these posh flats, doing the most basic jobs, while apparently having the burden…

The story follows Adam and Anna as they arrive at a vacation rental, only to find that it has a water problem and the swimming pool needs to be fixed. Their Italian host promises to do the needful in two days and then sends an immigrant worker to do the job. But tragedy strikes when the immigrant worker takes a tumble into that very pool, sending the couple’s vacation and relationship into a downward spiral.

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The Odd-Job Men

The Odd-Job Men


The Odd-Job Men follows three blue-collar workers, Moha, Valero, and Pep, tasked with the responsibility of repairing systems and equipment. Moha is the youngest to join the force while Pep is contemplating retirement. Valero, on the other hand, is caught between two compromising situations in which he has to accept a new partner and embrace the departure of the outgoing one.

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The film begins with the lapping of waves against a pristine seashore, and the protagonists, Bruno (played by Marcelo Subiotto) and Greta (played by Mara Bestelli) along with their young son, Denis (played by Jeremias Kuharo), arriving at their summer residence in a coastal town very removed from the city’s humdrum. In the first few scenes, we see Bruno and Greta as loving parents, and they seem to be having a lot of fun until Denis suddenly disappears one night.…

Liked reviews

Typical good vs evil within us tale, topped with some seriously fucked up giallo madness. Could have used some more pulpy characters, and more over-the-top treatment.

Mia Madre is a heartbreaking study of grief caused when you are on the verge of losing a parent. The emotional turmoil that induces a restlessness at work felt like an exacting image of something I have lived myself. Great Film.

Sweet with lovely and architectural cinematography - the focus on relationships and human spaces mediated through electricity and plumbing is conveyed so subtly and beautifully through this film. lovely start to the fest!

so real, human, relatable, humorous – and also my first tiff 2021 viewing!