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  • 1917



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    "Am I dying?"


    1917 was easily my most anticipated film of the year alongside the likes Midsommar, Us, Portrait of a Lady on Fire, IT Chapter Two, Ready Or Not, Rise of Skywalker, and Endgame. 2019 has been a pretty loaded year and there's been some bad movies, some good ones, some great ones, and then there's movies that reach a certain level of mastery like Parasite and Knives Out. But out of the hundred plus movies I've seen…

  • Midsommar



    It was only last year around March that I remember my first time getting to fulfill a dream of mine: going to sxsw. At the festival I got to have one of the craziest film experiences I've ever had watching Ari Aster's debut feature Hereditary. I even vividly remember logging into this app and passionately gushing about the film in multiple hyperbolic reviews which you can (and should 😊) still read. But as hyperbolic as my words sounded nothing I…

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  • We Need to Do Something

    We Need to Do Something


    All the reviews saying this sucked but I thought it was brilliant and actually one of the most refreshing horror films in recent years. Gave me what everyone said The Night House would give me and then some. Great acting, nightmarish imagery, brutal violence, and an interesting although at times sloppy script. Not the best horror movie ever but definitely not bad like what the reviews say, I loved it!

  • All Too Well: The Short Film

    All Too Well: The Short Film

    Jake Gyllenhaal is #1 on my hit list

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