Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare ★★★★

“Why don’t you… LEND ME AN EAR?!”

WOW why do so many people hate this one? This was AMAZING for so many reasons! Campy as all hell, but so much god damn fun. While every Nightmare on Elm Street film has a bit of drag to it, this has NONE. ZERO!!! Slapstick out the roof, Freddy is just an absolute asshole in this. It’s like he’s bored with just killing people; he’d rather fuck with them instead! I was expecting this to be like the 2nd worst in the series, and it surprised the HELL out of me!

So you’ve got this fun as fuck movie, scored by Brian May, with wacky ass effects, a fresh plot for this dumbass series, and a genuinely awesome final act, and you’re trying to tell me this sucks? I liked this so much, I seriously think it’s better than Nightmare on Elm Street 2+3. I think this is my second favorite in the series so far!! Seriously, prime horror comedy, no bullshit from front to back, more entertaining to me than any of the other nightmare movies. SUPER solid 8 from me, pal.

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