The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man ★★★★


With all the nitpicks aside, Leigh Whannell has something so special with this. He’s able to capitalize its source material in a unique way and say something along the way. His direction is nothing short of excellent. His knack for inventive and engaging cinematography that moves the story along is phenomenal. With the cast, he’s able to play to their strengths and know when you use a subtler performance as opposed to a louder one. It’s safe to say that Elizabeth Moss and Aldis Hodge are terrific in the film. The score, at first, seems like it will be generic until it blends different genres and instrumentation to help it stand out from the pack. The way Whannell uses silence in scenes is suitably nerve wracking at points. It was a joy to just sit there and listen to this film because you can here every little thing in certain scenes. 

I got to hand it to Leigh. He’s 2 for 3 for directing right now and I hope he keeps it up. I LOVE what he is doing right now.

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