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  • The Rules of the Game

    The Rules of the Game

    FSDO2017 - French Poetic Realism

    Rarely I feel less for a film.

    I appreciate all the stuff that's going on, and the effortlessness of presenting such a complex plot and the variety of characters etc, but still I couldn't bring myself to care about... well, any of it. Nether characters, nor the story, nor the directing. Even though I really tried to appreciate it.

    The two things I was able to appreciate were:
    - Staging (very interesting, with dynamic foreground…

  • Viking



    There's a lot of good about this film.

    The cinematography is stunning and manages to avoid "american tackiness" - but the best part is the world of the ancient Russia: paganism , revenge-based law, dirt, snow and wooden-built capital, believable from the beginning to the end. Stunning work of the art director and costume designer and a lot of story explained entirely through their work.

    The worst part probably is the acting. The lead actor seems to have no inner…