Old ★★★★½

One of the most unique riveting experiences I’ve had in years. I really find myself hating modern critics sometimes. It seems the negativity honestly can be boiled down to an inability to adjust to odd performance styles and strange dialogue choices like I had predicted. Personally I don’t perceive the script or acting to be nearly as bizarre or “bad” as some have claimed. I maintain that if this was any respected directors work, these elements wouldn’t even be worth noting or if they were they would be viewed as intentional and good. I’ve never been this defensive over a film before, it’s a weird feeling to be honest. It’s just really bothersome to see criticism in recent years devolve into picking apart plot details or “unrealistic” character decisions. It’s visually stunning in a way I can’t really compare to anything else and thematically poignant. Compelling images that convey feelings and ideas is what the medium lends itself to the most. Haunting, uneasy, disturbing, and of course deeply existential, but overwhelmingly beautiful in its most precious moments.

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