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  • Predators



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Not sure if this is better than it seemed a decade ago or if franchise movies like this have just gotten worse since. I did like that the actors were in an actual forest covered in mud and shit instead of a video game. The script could've used a few more passes and the pacing is uneven, but there's some cool sequences throughout, Changchien's sword fight in particular.
    Giving the lame Topher twist to Laurence Fishburne instead probably would've made…

  • Deep Rising

    Deep Rising


    Would love to see this premise with a better cast/script/creature. Still pretty fun though,

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  • Wolfen



    Slow-paced but rewards your patience with unexpected depth and fantastically violent wolf attacks.

  • The Midnight Meat Train

    The Midnight Meat Train

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Worth it for the ending sequence. Wasn't into the overly stylized, CG-reliant direction and effects but it didn't really bother me much either. I guarantee if I'd watched this when it came out I would've hated it but now that this style is out of fashion it's kind of interesting to view it as a time capsule of "the aughts." It kind of reminded me of a more grisly Freddy vs. Jason with it's wrestling-esque brawls and squishy sound effects.…