Mortal Kombat ★★★

falls in line with Tomb Raider 2017 as a so-so video game adaptation that holds back like 40% too much but still essentially gets what it should be and does it with a blessedly straight face, all while cast with enough hot and charismatic people to carry me between the legitimately cool effects shots. the editing is very sloppy, there’s too many pop culture references, too few good gore shots, and too much left open for sequels, but it could have been much, much worse

also Josh Lawson as Kano got 3 or 4 legit laughs out of me, which for the quippy guy in a modern blockbuster is pretty impressive. the man just understands how to deliver weak joke lines without breaking tone or character, and the quippy guy works way better as asshole side villain than annoying hero anyway

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