Weathering with You

Weathering with You ★★★½

At this point some things are a given with a makoto shinkai movies
* breathtaking scenic art direction
* Star crossed lovers who have to overcome several hurdles often with
science-fiction and/or fantasy elements
* subtle romances and lingering emotions
*amazing background scores
Weathering with You is entertaining enough to satisfy most and have all the above mentioned traits and tropes but its comparison to Shinkai's last feature is also why it might leave some underwhelmed.

Offering nothing that one can't find in Makoto Shinkai's earlier films done better, but to uninitiated Weathering with You might just be perfect entertainment. Also that bike chase scene is one of the best anime chase scene since the opening chase scene in the castle of cagliostro

mitsuha & taki cameos was just amazing....... if you know u know....not explaining it

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