Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★½

A part of my childhood has come to its cinematic conclusion. Endgame is the result of the last 11 years of some incredible motion pictures to come out of the Marvel Universe. I have to tell you, as an avid comic book reader in the early 80's I never, ever thought that The Avengers would make it to the silver screen. X-Men, Spidey and The Fantastic Four I thought for sure would find their way, but The Avengers? The comic was not a nationwide best selling book by any stretch. And to kick it off right off the bat with Iron Man? One word; ballsy!
Just to put in to perspective on Endgame. I went to see it tonight with two friends of mine. I had not seen it, one of my buddies saw it the other day and my other friend had yet to see any of the other 21 MCU films; and he loved it!

Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr. perfect casting to me because when I was reading the comic book, the real life Downey Jr. and Tony Stark ARE each other. I tell ya, from Robert Downey Jr. to Hemsworth to Cumberbatch the casting has always been perfect! I have seen all of these movies a bunch of times and they still give me that feeling I got when I was reading the comic books so many years ago.

I'm not here to reveal plot points and say how much I enjoyed one scene or that scene. I'm here to say this was a wild ride and thanks for all the fun to all of the people at Marvel Studios. My future wife has yet to see any of them. Maybe we'll start with ol' shellhead tonight!

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