Tenet ★½

Look me in the eye. What can you see? Despair or anger? I’m not her who could love you despite the mental scars you gave her. I’m the vengeful bitch you scarred on the outside!

Watched on 4k.

I was looking forward to watching this so much that I watched it right after I got it. I'm a big fan of Nolan's films. Inception being my favorite film of his. But.... I did not like this at all, which I'm actually shocked at.

I never thought I'd see the day where I felt like this about a Nolan film. But it felt like a soulless, unengaging action film and I just didn't care about what was happening at all. I was so bored. The writing was convoluted and bad. And I love mysteries. It’s one my favorite genres. And that annoys me. I mean, two of my favorite shows of all time are mysteries, Lost and Twin Peaks. My favorite director is Lynch. I love mystery.

The way we just jump into the film without any exposition bothered me and everything that was happening I just didn't care. It worked for Dunkirk, but not here. All of it felt corny. It was very surface level and lacking depth, which is weird to say because of the whole premise. I also thought the reveal was boring. It felt predictable and something I already assumed. I wish Nolan did something more interesting with it. Something that just really was a mindfuck.

I also thought the acting was kind of bad, except Elizabeth Debecki in that one scene from the quote I chose from above. And I didn't like the changing aspect ratios... which I actually usually like in films. Tenet actually reminded me of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban with how they handled time... and The Deathly Hallows because of all the horcrux stuff.

But at least it is a pretty film. Looks like a Sam Mendes’ James Bond film.

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