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  • The Creeping Flesh
  • Death Wish Club
  • Faceless
  • Vampyros Lesbos

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  • The Unnamable


  • Without Warning


  • Mystics in Bali


  • Sometimes a Great Notion


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  • Rituals



    So much more than a Deliverance riff. (is Rituals seriously aka Deliverance 2?!?) Once the narrative shakes off its big D trappings, it reveals a heady and physically demanding process of resolving PTSD. Most of these guys aren't lost in the Alaskan wilderness. They're lost in the bottle.

    There's a revealing line of dialogue to the Native-American legend of the expansive Cauldron, the depression the five men are dropped into for a getaway week of nature vacationing. The character expresses…

  • The Unnamable

    The Unnamable


    dud. Cannot recommend

    Viewed on The Slaughtered Lamb YT channel.

Popular reviews

  • Beyond the Door III

    Beyond the Door III


    * viewed on The Slaughtered Lamb YT channel

    The Omen boards Runaway Train with a vibe like The Car and Midsommar/Wicker Man/whatever...

    Attempting to outrun your virginal, Satanic-cultural destiny aboard a killer, Serbian train will leave an impression. (note the straight-on view of the locomotive - not LB poster art - resembles the lead's satanic, belly birthmark)

    Thoughtfully filmed utilizing the dreary, yet mesmerizing Serbian countryside, a soundtrack that could use some variance, a Penn Jillette professor with a killer…

  • Late Night Trains

    Late Night Trains


    ..and as if with a ton of bricks I was hit at least three times watching this European, Christmas trainsploitation revenge flick (in my opinion, the LB poster is just too much of a spoiler)

    LNT has been sitting on my Trains list forever. Finally found an upload on The Slaughtered Lamb YT channel. Though I've never seen any of the Deathwish movies, surely Late Night Trains must have been inspired by the 1974 original as well as the mid-movie…