Lady in the Water

Lady in the Water ★★★★½

It’s more than just a story to me too. I actually want to believe it.

The key to understanding Lady In The Water is observing the simple fact that all of the apartment residents accept Story’s predicament wholeheartedly and without question; they completely go along with this absurd and expressionistic logic, they don’t see Cleveland’s ramblings as that of a madman.

Chronologically this is the first Shymalan where I don’t completely vibe with all of his choices, but still; there are beautiful metatextual connections to all of his previous works, and works that were to come. A gorgeous testament to the power of storytelling to take us to places beyond, and for storytelling to improve our world. Observe how there are Bob Dylan covers heard within film and over the credits; a songwriter who’s expressionist stories  pleaded for a more understanding world.

Whereas before I saw the role of the critic and Shymalan as a misunderstood genius as incredibly arrogant, now I understand that this is a wry helping hand gifted to the audience on how to observe not only this work, but all his work, if not all art; with an open mind and an open heart, see where it can take you.

Doug Walker can suck a fuck and die

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