Death Note

Death Note ★★★★½

Light is a fucking crybaby pussy /r9k/ incel who’s in way over his head and is so fucking horny for the hot cheerleader he tells her about the Death Note literally five seconds into conversation. Far far removed from his original inspiration, Light first jumps at the chance to transform his righteous victimisation into godhood, but is reduced to flailing his arms around and squealing as his world crashes around him because he can never escape what he truly is; pathetic. Mia is given far more agency than she was given before, and even still the best she can do is not much, because why should a cheerleader play god. Meanwhile Lakeith Stanfield (in his best performance) finds the logical end points of his character and plays L constantly on emotional high wire.

American zeitgeist pulp that pushes for operatic camp towards its conclusion, and reaches it. The most inspired adaptation it could possibly be, and I can’t believe I hated it at first.

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