V/H/S/94 ★★★★½

*Not major spoilers but I do explain some general plot points in each segment*

I really enjoy these (except Viral) and I absolutely hope they keep going with them. This follows the same format as the others and it just works. 

The wraparound - Holy Hell - is fun but not a standout which is the usual tradition of these. It follows a SWAT team that raids a supposed drug lab only to find a creepy cult and televisions playing the different vhs films. 

The first segment - Storm Drain - opens with two local news dipshits going into a fucking tunnel looking for ‘Ratman’. Why would you even hang out? As soon as things got sketch, roll the fuck out. Honestly though, it kind of looks like it takes place in NJ - like I have definitely seen tunnels like that while going on ‘Weird NJ’ hunts. 

Segment two - The Empty Wake - opens in a funeral home where one of the employees is supposed to be hosting an overnight wake *by herself during a storm*. Fuck all of that. I would have quit my job on the spot.

Segment three - The Subject - is unsurprisingly and undeniably the best one. Like GOD DAMN, Timo Tjahjanto is a maniacal freak / genius and I really can’t get enough. This put it on par with 2 for me, my favorite of the franchise. 

Segment four - Terror - at first I thought we were in Russia but quickly realized it’s just American militia aka the fucking worst people. A ‘cool’ idea full of religious zealots and idiots… god dammit. 

The sfx are so fantastic and really something special, also the 90s vhs vibe feels completely genuine and not forced. The whole film is just filled with glorious moments of gore and insanity - and it needs to be celebrated so we get more.

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