Tenet ★★★★

My initial reaction after seeing this movie:

.niarb ym delzzarf teneT

I’ll be honest, for the first act of Tenet I found it kind of hard to follow; and not because I felt it was too smart for me. I mean I understood the concept but I just felt the writing was a little weak and didn’t get the actual story across; instead focusing more on the gimmick. I’d also put that down to the fact that crucial exposition is covered up by loud brrrrrs and noises which frustrates me as that aspect never really went away. Thank god it came together in the end though.

The third act particularly hit with all the spectacle I could have wanted but also an intelligence that certainly asks for more viewings. I wouldn’t say this is Nolan’s best, but the imagery presented was breathtaking in moments and Washington and Pattinson give killer performances that helped me get through some weaker moments.

The concept itself also lends itself to some awesomely choreographed set pieces so yes, in the end I enjoyed it. Could it have been pulled off better? Certainly, but with what he brought Nolan still keeps his crown as one of the most ingenious directors in Hollywood. I do think he dipped into the “oh look how clever I am” realm a couple of times which didn’t always work, but overall I’d say this was a good time and a generally solid entry in his filmography. It’s something that I think will grow on me more on subsequent rewatches too.

I’d also say it’s a great reason to go back to the cinema, if it’s safe enough in your area.

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