Mank ★★½

David! You were the Chosen One! It was said that you would destroy the Curse of Mehflix, not fall prey to it! Bring greatness to streaming, not contribute to its blandness!

Fincher is my favorite director and this is without a doubt the movie of his I enjoyed the least. The whole thing feels oddly masturbatory and half-baked. The characters could potentially be interesting but they aren't, none of them is memorable which is absolutely astounding because this is one of the most amazing things about Fincher's films. Somebody can be on the screen for few minutes and you remember them - the traumatized guy from "lust" murder, the snarky president of Harvard, the ruthless Sharon Schieber. Here? It's a wasteland.

It's because of the the script. The story isn't very engaging and it takes an hour for the movie and Gary Oldman to finally start showing some energy. It's only Lily Collins and Tuppence Middleton who manage to make an impression and who aren't terribly underused. The decision to make it black and white feels like an unnecessary gimmick because the film still looked glossy and modern. Reznor and Ross also disappoint - their score is pretty much only there to replicate the music used in films from the 30's. The moments where their uniqueness and brilliance are evident are far too few.

Six years of waiting...for this. A 5/10 for a Fincher movie...

I am Jack's broken heart.

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