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  • Barfly



    «Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.»

    He's living in a run-down social housing apartment, where by day he's listening to classical music, while sucking on a bottle of booze and writing poems or short stories, unless he's stealing some food and wine from the neighbor's room.
    In the evening he's heading to the next bar nearby, where he keeps on drinking and where he's trading some insults with barkeep Eddy (played by Sly's younger…

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  • One Cut of the Dead

    One Cut of the Dead


    The remarkable, great thing about «One Cut of the Dead» (OT: "Don't stop the camera!") aren't really the visual effects, zombie horror, great comedy or outstanding acting (not to mention the awkward J-pop soundtrack), it is the play with cinematic meta-levels and terrific, endless long takes. A salute to filmmaking and a feast for every movie lover.
    Das Außergewöhnliche, das Großartige an »One Cut of the Dead« (OT: "Don't stop the camera!") sind nicht etwa Visual Effects, Zombiehorror, eindrucksvolle…

  • Runaway



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    What this is all about? The ending:
    Mr. Tom "The Mustache" Selleck being a macho-man-cop in a trashy futuristic 80's ambiente with acid melting through his face —he knew how to deal with the ladies: »Can you cook?«
    Girl: »Try me!«
    Credits rolling over a five minutes kissing scene.

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  • Underwater



    Hooptober Se7en
    2 films from this year

    «Underwater»—well, the title says it all—is basically a film playing under water. Being one of these generic Hollywood-Horror-Sci-Fi-Action-Thriller hybrids, you'll get what you want, but already know; it follows the same pattern as every other blockbuster out there, with its same old fancy jokes in hopeless situations, custom-made for the generation YouTube, and with its same old compilation of characters, acting by the same old formula, who are always asking the same old…

  • King Kong

    King Kong


    Hooptober Se7en
    6 decades: 1930s

    I'm beginning my first Hooptober (7.0) with a classic: «King Kong», preluded with a 5 minutes overture, is really about the clash of cultures, the old folk tale about the beauty and the beast and the everlasting urge of civilization to conquer and tame it.
    A group of whites shipping to an island, where an indigenous tribe is worshiping a beast as god—behind a gigantic gate there lies a strange, mysterious, ancient world, where they…