Black Narcissus

Black Narcissus ★★★★★


Nothing is more sensual or erotic than restraint. Cover up everything about a woman but her eyes and hands, and you'll find they multiply their sexual attractive charge manifold the same way the first glimpse of a rose petal as its green cover peels bare is as intensely charged for the viewer as a girl's revealed revealed ankle bared to put on ice skates, even if the rest of the girl is layered in warm thick clothing. It's the animal underneath all that cloaking that winks at us.

This is one of the most sensual films ever made, or at least sensual in a British way. Oddly, the most bare person most of the time is the caretaker rake.

Even though this whole miracle of a film was created in a studio, and those matte paintings are layers of glass photographed together to make the mountains and valleys float, we feel the organic pull of the colors the same way we feel the organic warmth of an LP recording compared to the clinical sterility of a digital sampling.

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