Handy Barker

Handy Barker

Taught and directed theatre and film in public schools for 30 years. Now I just watch and enjoy them.

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  • The Night Manager

    The Night Manager


    "I don't care who sees me naked. I care who sees me crying".

    This wonderful series is the Smarter Bond Movie--six hours long--that John le Carre' has always been able to weave for us: with far fewer gadgets for boys, far more charming and even human Villains, and Sexy Femme Fatales whose Intelligence and Confidence are so stalwart that they'll happily become The Boss' Whore for the right price and the right lifestyle.

    Take any one of the major characters…

  • The Bourne Identity

    The Bourne Identity


    The Spy Genre has always been about Gear, Gadjets, Girls, and Guys Who Drink, Punch Hard, and Shoot to Kill. With the occasional wonderful spy film like Atomic Blonde or Red Sparrow, where the woman gets to point and shoot.

    But the real development of the Bourne cycle, compared to classic Bond or LeCarre' heroes is two things: the Gadgets now can see anywhere in the world, and the genre is now respectable enough that Real Pretty Actors will take…

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  • Dark Matters

    Dark Matters


    AFRO-FUTURIST RULE #15: Alien Beings Can Exist And Can Show Up At Work leaving footprints that match your birthmark.

    AFROFUTURIST RULE #16: Your Alien Angel Mentor Might Call you to adventure, making you choose between your tedious life working at a store or your life out following him in a field.

    Lasting Image: This woman recording in a room full of electronics and maps.

    Very engaging short film which I wish were a full length film. It's got a stunning…

  • Hail Mary

    Hail Mary


    HEY, Wow! A Godard film with a plot and a fully-fleshed out female character!!

    I really liked 90% of this film. I LOVED the teaser made by your GF because it was engaging, emotional, and touching. And no one was monkeying with the volume knobs.

    When you have a strong female character to hang aa story on, JLG, you produce a beautiful film. This one reminded me of a film Agnes Varda could've made because the female body was so…