BlacKkKlansman ★★★

finally got around to seeing this... some thoughts:

(as a black woman) this was a weird experience for me. i really didn't expect the film to be in such a light tone for the most part. it's a film about racism and the atrocities black people have to face on a daily basis and yet almost every single scene was created with humour. the racists here were stereotypical, uneducated, backwards, redneck caricatures who were constantly making stupid decisions etc. black characters were pretty much sidelined throughout the entire story (not to mention that the only black female character was severely underdeveloped) and there was not really much nuanced & complex engagement with the ideas of black liberation (through more radical/more aggressive methods). the major theme of black people vs the cops wasn't really explored as well as it could have been. A LOT of the writing for me just wasn't very well developed in terms of message, themes, characters. a lot of the acting wasn't very good. i don't know if some of it was a stylistic choice but i really didn't like the editing: certain shots were edited in such bizarre ways and the pacing was messy.... it felt a lot like scenes that were just chopped together and made for a very weird messy tone. the ending before the final scenes was way too everything is all good now (scenes with Ron) and personally, i felt the decision to show real footage of charlottesville to be so out of left field when most of the film was in this light tone and then you have these scenes which i felt were (slightly/somewhat) manipulative/exploitative?? if you're going to end the film in that gut-wrenching of a way, make the rest of the story build and lead to that. the entire story should have been THAT intense and serious, because this is an important issue. this isn't a joke. racists aren't a joke and what is being done to black people in America (and in other parts of the world as well) is definitely not a joke.

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