• Arrival



    I just rewatched this for the first time, and I still find it to be as amazing!

    Villeneuve tells this story masterfully and its mystery is handled very well, how it all unravels and gets explored. Really great stuff!!

  • Men in Black

    Men in Black


    Men in Black is such a classic, it’s one of those films you can watch at any time with anyone and pretty much always have a good time!

    It’s way funnier than I remember it being too!

  • Cop Land

    Cop Land


    Okay so the internet decided to fuck up my time watching this film, I was so excited and had bought snacks and a drink because of this amazing star studded cast which contains like half of the actors from The Sopranos which is my favorite tv show… This film is 1 hour and 40 minutes but it took me almost 3 hours to finish because the internet crashed a couple of times and the film lagged for basically the whole…

  • Life of Brian

    Life of Brian


    I can’t decide which one I think is funnier but this contains some scenes that genuinely made me laugh out loud. Some really smart and surprisingly relevant humor!

    The Monty Python crew are geniuses!!

  • Kill Bill: Vol. 1

    Kill Bill: Vol. 1


    I just showed this to my girlfriend and she loved it!! 

    I think this is one of Tarantino’s most unique films, it’s definitely one of the most “out there” of his filmography. Everything about it is just nonstop violent fun, the gore is absolutely hilarious and so fitting for what the film is going for. 

    Aaaaaaaaaaand The Bride is super badass!!

  • The Talented Mr. Ripley

    The Talented Mr. Ripley


    I somehow hadn’t seen this before, and I surprisingly don’t have much to say about it? 

    I found this film to be more interesting than great, if that makes sense. I thought the character of Tom Ripley and how he manages to do all this stuff is really interesting. The performances are great, especially by Matt Damon! 

    I don’t think though that this will be a film i’m gonna rewatch many times in the future, it doesn’t seem that rewatchable for me.

  • Kubrick by Kubrick

    Kubrick by Kubrick


    This is a documentary featuring an interview with Kubrick by a french film critic, and clips from his films and personal life are shown.

    This isn’t a spectacular documentary, but it’s an interesting and entertaining look into Kubrick’s psyche and what he thought of his own work.

  • Gun Crazy

    Gun Crazy


    This was a pretty good “Bonnie and Clyde” esque Noir! 

    I really liked how it was filmed, and how it kind of delves into the darkness of us humans and how some people can’t live like the rest of us, to them they just HAVE to cause mayhem.

  • I Am Alfred Hitchcock

    I Am Alfred Hitchcock


    I actually thoroughly enjoyed this, Hitchcock is probably my favorite director of all time so it’s always fun seeing documentaries about him even if I know most of the stuff featured in it!

    Gosh this makes me want to rewatch all the Hitchcock classics.

  • Old



    Okay so I have genuinely no idea how to write a review on this… I was so confused and conflicted about my own thoughts of the film after leaving the cinema. Some of the things worked for me whilst some didn’t at all.

    I watched this with my girlfriend since we were given tickets to it by a great friend (of which we are so very thankful for!!) and we were both pretty unsure of what we think of the…

  • Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool

    Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool


    I’m a huge fan of Jazz, and I surprisingly aren’t too familiar with Miles Davis’s’ music, I enjoy his music but i’m not a super fan or anything.

    This documentary gave a good insight to what he was like and the stuff that happened in his life that lead him to where he ended up, pretty usual documentary stuff. I enjoyed this overall but it was like any other music documentary you’ve seen a thousand times before.

    The music is great though!

  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail


    It’s been at least a couple of years since I last saw this, and it’s still hilarious! The delivery and performances by the actors are great and the jokes are very smart.

    Speaking of the jokes, they are really brilliant here. This was kind of the start of “modern” comedy, you’d recognize the type of humor from modern sketch comedy shows or comedy films! This also contains some funny and good social commentary, which was quite surprising since most of the jokes are very silly