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  • Magnolia



    Children are good and innocent until they’re damaged by trauma. Your past makes you who you are, even if it wasn’t your own doing. You can’t run from your past, you have to deal with it in order to truly be happy. When you have concealed emotional scars, and it isn’t until you look at who you truly are that you can find happiness and peace.

    Deep thoughts and reflections like these are the sort of things Magnolia sets out…

  • Possum



    Possum is one of the most unique psychological horror films i’ve seen in a long time. The sense of dread and tension that continues to build throughout the film is almost too much at times! The cinematography and set design are amazing, it was so incredibly atmospheric and daunting. This is a deep, depressing, disturbing and incredibly sad film. The slow-burn tone might not be for everyone, but i’d still strongly recommend this film! The most similar film to Possum…

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  • Creep



    I used to watch this film quite often a few years ago, since it was so short and enjoyable. It had now gone a few years since I last watched it, but last night I watched it with my girlfriend and she really liked it!

    Even with such a minimal budget and all the limitations the filmmakers had, this is one of the best thrillers of the last decade i’d say. It gives us a really interesting look into how a maniac works, what ticks him off and the compulsive behavior that follows. It’s also a really good entry into the mockumentary- sub genre!

  • A Quiet Place Part II

    A Quiet Place Part II


    I went to the cinema last night with a buddy of mine and we watched this. We both really liked it! 

    I’ve only seen the first film once and it was about 3 years ago, but I honestly thought this was better! It expands on pretty much everything, the characters, the world building and the monsters. It does everything a sequel should do and it even gave us a sight into what exactly happened and the first day of the invasion. 

    This, is how you make a modern horror sequel.

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  • Hereditary



    I just showed this to my girlfriend and she really liked it which was honestly quite a surprise since she mostly likes that Insidious/Conjuring type horror. 

    I have reviewed this film several times now, it’s my 5th favorite horror film ever made and in my opinion one of the greatest films ever made!! This is perfection.

  • Midsommar



    I just showed this to my girlfriend and she liked it... kind of? She thought the film itself was good, but that the story was so horrifying, weird and scary that it deserves half a star.

    As for me though, this just cements Ari Aster as one of (if not) the best horror filmmaker working today. Midsommar is a fantastic film, that I honestly find to be quite rewatchable. Similar to Hereditary, that can be because of the smart storytelling and hidden clues that you notices more and more with every rewatch.