Chi-Raq ★★★

As loud, angry, urgent, and messy as ever, all of which are common threads running through Spike Lee's filmography even from the very start. In many ways this mirrors his earlier musical School Daze, with it's playful and somewhat sarcastic rhyming dialogue and musical-esque blocking used as a front for the incredibly dark and hard-hitting topic of violence in Chicago. Some of Spike Lee's most powerful scenes and images appear in here, including a woman scrubbing her own daughters blood off of the pavement as the police had done nothing to clear it themselves. Of course it's messy, but that's something to expect from Spike really by this point. He's never been clear cut and reasonable in his filmmaking, he just does what he feels is right and it works to an extent. Definitely his most angry film since Bamboozled, and it reminded me just how angry BlacKkKlansman was as well. Very much looking forward to seeing it again.

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