Quad Cinema's "Origin Stories: Paul Schrader’s Footnotes to First Reformed"

"Though he began his career as a critic and groundbreaking screenwriter, Paul Schrader has emerged—over the past four decades—as one of American cinema’s most accomplished and perennially underrated directors. This month marks a culmination for Schrader, with the publication of an updated reissue of his essential Transcendental Style in Film: Ozu, Bresson, Dreyer and the release of First Reformed (opening May 18 from A24), one of his crowning achievements. It’s a great film steeped in the language of other great films, so for the second installment of our ongoing Origin Stories series, we’ve invited Schrader to select a roster of titles that have had an impact on his life and art and influenced his new film. We’re pleased to welcome…

  • An Autumn Afternoon
  • The Conformist
  • Diary of a Country Priest
  • Ida
  • Ordet
  • Performance
  • Pickpocket
  • Red Desert
  • The Rules of the Game
  • Silent Light
  • Stalker
  • The Tall T
  • Journey to Italy
  • Winter Light