Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★★★

For many people, it’s hard to pick a favorite movie. It was tough for me for a little while. I’d never be able to just pick 1 and stick with it. But after I sat down and rewatched this after about 10 years, picking my favorite movie became easy.
     There’s nothing in this movie that I don’t love. Every aspect stands out to me as being nothing short of great. The characters are all very likable, including of course Indiana Jones himself. It’s no wonder why he’s a movie icon. He’s one of my favorite movie protagonists ever. And it’s of course backed up by Harrison Fords amazing performance. And both Sallah and Marion are extremely likable characters too. Each character works so well off of each other. I especially like Indys interactions with the main villain, Belloq. It’s so entertaining watching them try to one up each other. 
     The action scenes are some of the greatest I’ve ever seen in a movie. The desert chase stands out among them, and it’s honestly my favorite scene in the movie. It’s shot really well, Ford does his own stunts, and set to a fantastic track by John Williams. Pure cinematic bliss. But every other action scene is phenomenal as well. They’re all shot in very engaging ways and it manages to suck you right in.
     And on the note of John Williams, this is one of his very best soundtracks he’s done. The Raiders March is one of the most iconic tunes in history, but there’s so many other wonderful tracks. Desert Chase and The Map Room Dawn are two of my favorite tracks that he’s ever composed.
     And I absolutely have to bring up the special effects, because they’re some of the coolest I have ever seen. I always appreciate practical effects, and this movie has plenty of those. Just look at the final scene of the movie. The face melting has horrified audiences for years, and I’d bet that the special effects have a huge hand in that. I’d suggest watching some behind the scenes clips on that scene, it’s actually very interesting. And the Well of the Souls is also very interesting in how it was brought to life. Plenty of real life snakes were used (much to Indys horror), and they also used fake ones. You know, I’d just recommend watching the documentary of the movie that’s on the blu Ray, it’s an hour long and really goes in depth with the making. If you love and appreciate the movie, you’d really appreciate the documentary.
     And one thing is must bring up is the Ark of the Covenant itself. There’s a lot of interesting theories floating around that the ark is basically guiding Indy in his actions, and basically trying to help him get it. Wether that’s true or not is obviously up in the air, but what I love is how Indy talks about the power of the ark. Through the whole movie, he doesn’t seem to care one bit about the superstitions surrounding it. He’s always so focused on finding it. But come the end of the movie, he witnesses the power it has, and afterwards he takes it fully seriously. 
     At the end of the day, I can’t pinpoint any big issue with this movie. I just love it, plain and simple. Raiders of the Lost Ark is, without a doubt, my favorite movie of all time, and it would get a 6/5 if I could give it. It’s not only a movie I can wholeheartedly recommend, but it’s one I implore you to watch. You won’t regret it.

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