Vampyr ★★★

"It was an eerie moonlit night. Light and shadow, voices and faces seemed to take on hidden meaning. Allen Grey felt a sinister force descend upon him."

Feels far more like a haunted spirit suspense film rather than the titular Vampyr. I really appreciate the technical craft of the film—especially for the time—but I did not vibe with the story at all. Call it what you want, but I'm more for fellow German Expressionist Dr. Caligari and Nosferatu or the more literary romanticised erotic vampire lore. I did zone out a few times, but those who know me, just know I'm not too keen on experimental form. Regardless Vampyr is still undoubtedly a piece of art that truly showcases some spectacular use of lighting and shockingly fluid camera movement in its direction. There are some great optical tricks with shadows, crafty use manipulation of point of view (coffin sequence slapped), and an overall feeling that the camera itself is a character following along with the mostly silent protagonist's investigations and deadly findings. With its very poetic delivery of exposition and atmosphere, it feels like this would make for an excellent stage-theatre production, and it honestly could have been all silent.

PS: Did anyone else get locked out of Letterboxd for that past day or so? Hence my quick back-to-back logging of three films (2 of which are my slightly late entries into the Horror Hunt list I've been invited to). I'm still working on finalising my list for the Horror Hunt, but here's the original link:

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