Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★

"Run run run, it's time for hide and seek. Run run run, it's time to hide or die".

A simple child's game concept turned into an incredibly entertaining reverse home Invasion thriller comedy. Ready or Not was a film I was completely banging for since I heard of it, and it's a shame it couldn't have recieved a double feature alongside fellow critique of the sadistic rich, The Hunt. Led by a personal final girl favourite and niece to Hugo Weaving (I know, right), Samara Weaving, Ready or Not is one of the best films of the year, and I highly recommend going in blind. Filled with some gorgeous lighting, varied unique performances (Brody and Weaving being the standouts), tight cinematography, and a dedication to the hero wedding dress, there's more than enough to warrant a rewatch. It's not very suspenseful, doesn't fully utilise its  mansion setting to the max capabilities,  and a shocking lack of cool kills does leave me a bit disappointed, but like my lovely gran, I appreciate that it gets straight to the family business point with little to no delay nor melodrama. While it does tend to falter and lean towards some unfortune tropes and clichés towards the beginning of the third act, it does sort of stick the landing with a 5min explosive finale worthy of going up against Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Beneath all the outrageous fun being had, there's a line that really struck a chord with me, and personally added layers to the narrative. Delivered with some convincing emotional weight, I thought that this message transcended beyond the Le Domas Dominion, and into the realm of nature vs nurture in reality.

"I realised that you'll do just about anything if your family says it's okay". 

There's a semblance of truth in this statement, and it is only further amplified by the murderous secrets that this centuries old gaming family staple name has comitted to. Someone raised to act like this, is bound to eventually be desensitised to all of the violence and lack for genuine empathy as time passes. This theme is reflected on each of the family members, but unfortunately not expanded nor explored beyond the actual scene where the line is delivered. There's a clear disdain for the wealthy throughout the film, with additive lines like, "It's true what they say about the rich, we truly are different" and "fucking rich people!". But it never gets to the extents of making you roll your eyes or look away with cringe. Even though I would have liked to see more from just about all the cast, I admire and am impressed that each of the varied characters brought their own eccentricities. 

While it doesn't demand to be seen in theatres, Ready or Not absolutely gets a bona fide approval from me. I wouldn't mind going to see it again, even if just to see the brilliant attention to detail in the aforementioned terrific hero dress(es). It's surely to gain a cult following (myself included), and will be a grand film to have friendly viewing parties to. Samara Weaving and Jessica Rothe need to star in a final girl film together, stat!

PS - I'll be sure to add Southbound to my Spooktober list.



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