Minari ★★★★

"Broken Pe-nis. Broken Pe-nis."

Immensely fun and heartwarming Youn Yuh-jung and sure to have a bright future Alan S. Kim absolutely steal the show here. No offence to my TWD day 1 buddy Steven Yuen, but how is he the one getting all the praise in this film? Just like with The Farewell's Zhao Shu-zhen, Yuh-jung undoubtedly deserves a supporting actress nomination to say the least—and b9th actresses remind me if my own gma. Minari is just extremely wholesome content with such a tender simplistic delivery to its somewhat coming of age/ endearing American dream tale. A deeply personal film of planting your new family roots in what sometimes may not be the most ideal of terrains, but persevering and making the best of it with what you have and who you're with: family. The serene direction is deliberately static and restrained allowing the extremely naturalistic performances to really raise and carry the film. I'm all for this recent direction A24 has been going with some more—of what I like to call—representAsian. Coming soon to the Criterion Collection.

PS: Best Mountain Dew commercial to date. I felt that same excitement little David had when first experiencing the taste of Mt. Dew, as well as the Yi family having to drive over 2hrs away for a decent Asian market, in my soul.


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