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Gustav Arthur Simon

I write overly long reviews that no-one will ever read.

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  • Swiss Army Man
  • Her
  • Mary and Max
  • Donnie Darko

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  • Robin Robin

    Robin Robin


    Got to see this in cinema as a preview along with animation classic The Wrong Trousers.

    Robin Robin is a perfect short film to snuggle up under a blanket to around Christmas. But it does have it‘s issues.

    The style is of course delightful with the entire world made of wool and felt that just bursts with color and warmth.

    Plot wise though, it had its fair share of issues. Loads of plot threads were just setup and then weirdly or…

  • The Wrong Trousers

    The Wrong Trousers


    Can‘t believe I got to see this on the big screen.

    Even though the audio mix was painful at times, just seeing my childhood on the silver screen just made my heart jump. It still holds up after all this time and will forever be in my heart.

    (Also I’m convinced the creators of Phineas and Ferb got inspiration for Doofenschmirtz never recognizing Perry without a hat from here. Absolute classic)

    The Q&A with brilliant Cinematographer Dave Alex Riddett was a delight on top.

Popular reviews

  • The Golden Glove

    The Golden Glove


    Imagine Telltale Heart, but with the smell of decomposing corpses instead of a romantic heartbeat.

    Hard to watch but extremely interesting. A snippet of a real German serial killer‘s life. (Obviously Dramatized and altered but still deriving off of facts) The dialogue is surprisingly good for a German film, which is extremely refreshing.

    The plot feels almost episodic, I feel like this would have been even more interesting in full birdman-esque chamber play. (I know these statements are mutually exclusive)…

  • A Cure for Wellness

    A Cure for Wellness

    *review is spoiler free except passages marked otherwise*


    Well this movie certainly was something. First of all to get this out of the way: This film is visually outstanding in every way. Verbinski knows how to do spectacle and this is it.

    Anything else about this Movie though….
    The first act is fun even though it‘s really not subtle in any way.

    (Minor Spoiler which is Part of first act back story)
    So how do we get across…