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  • The Brooklyn Handicap, 1904

    The Brooklyn Handicap, 1904

    For those who want to play along at home, the horses line up at the starting gate in the following order from the rail:

    Horse-weight-jockey (odds win/show)
    Irish Lad - 125 - Shaw (11-5/1-1)
    Lord Badge - 93 - J.Jones (60-1/20-1)
    McChesney - 129 - Spencer (10-1/4-1)
    Eugenia Burch - 110 - Cormack (30-1/10-1)
    The Picket - 119 - Helgesen (8-1/3-1)
    Hermis - 127 - Redfern (4-1/2-1)
    Highball - 115 - Fuller (12-1/5-1)
    Shorthose - 118 - Wonderly (50-1/15-1)

  • Mr. Jack in the Dressing Room

    Mr. Jack in the Dressing Room

    Provides nice evidence of the power and utility in cliches or tropes. In roughly one minute with minimal events on one set a brief history of the characters is sketched out. Mr. Jack once frequented the back stage and dressing room of a Music Hall, but had been away for a while and now makes a surprise return, as evinced by the surprise and delight of the actresses inside, hoping to pick up where he left off. But the reason…

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  • Manhattan


    It's been much noted that the ending of the movie is an homage to City Lights, but it doesn't seem to be as much mentioned that the analogy then is one where the Tramp's assistance in helping the Blind Girl to see is used by Allen as an equivalent for Isaac "helping" Tracy to "see" culture as Isaac does. Which is to say Allen is suggesting passing on his allegedly discerning sense of taste in cultural products is roughly equal…

  • The Garden of Allah

    The Garden of Allah


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A man serving a life sentence as a result of difficult choices made as a teen escapes confinement and flees in search of a new life. On a train, he meets a woman who herself has just finished serving a long stretch of confinement and is out to sample the freedom of her new life. They run away together and find momentary contentment away from society, but the man's past comes back to haunt him and he must return to…